Ok this is arbitrary but I really love your art style and I am so happy you did Ranma 1/2 because that series is great and yeah I love it. ^▽^

WOwowowo thank u!  u r right ranma is rlly cool, also my fav character always will be shampoo, she is so cute mmmmm

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10 facts about you :

1. your nickname:  My friends call me Rosarito! but my url’s are always something with cuchufí.
2. your eye colour: brown
3. your hair colour: dark brown!
4. one fact about you: I spend my money in useless kawaii stuff.
5. favourite colour: pastel pink, pastel purple, light blue, white and black.
6. favourite place: my room, el poto de la nati.
7. favourite celebrity: nagisa kaworu and jigglypuff
8. favourite animal: doggies, bunnies and deeries ꒰。•`ェ´•。꒱۶
9. favourite song: THIS ONE, pff  i dont rlly have one, I like bjork a lot tho.
10. favourite book: i dont have one either, it depends my mood and moment of my life, but I kinda always enjoy The Black Cat of edgar allan poe but i can’t consider it my fav neither mmmm.

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Ooo! ¿Usted es de Chile! Yo soy de Puerto Rico Uwu. Me encanta tu arte es tan lindo AHH! Sigan con el buen trabajo

AYYYYY, que amorcito, muchas gracias, intentaré seguir mejorandocito B)

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*violently reblogs all your posts on Kawaii account bc they're so good!!!!*

WOWOOW thank u! glad u like it that much cutie B)

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