Coca-Cola Cuchuflí
omg i love your pixels so so much if you could make another Chii one you'd be a princess omg shes so ute you're so cute i love your drawings ;_;

Ayyy thank you so much! of course I will make another chii, she is like one of my fav characters  image


ahhhh your art is so cute!! you inspire me so much !!!!

Thank you so much cutie pie, and and and that it  inspire you make me, like, mega ultra super glad and happy!  ꒰⌯͒•ɷ•⌯͒꒱


Deer girlfriends! ٩꒰ಂ❛ ▿❛ಂ꒱۶♡

Your art is lovely. And really amazing! >.< saludos y abrazos c:

Ayyyy, muchas graciecitas bonita, saluditos y abracitos para ti también!  (≚ᄌ≚)